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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what size uniform to order?

Uniforms for the 2021 Baseball/Softball season will be supplied by All Seasons Sports in Delano.  Families are encouraged to visit All Seasons to ensure proper uniform fit.They are located at 720 Babcock Blvd in Delano.

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What is a traveling baseball team?

Traveling baseball teams attend 2-3 weekend tournaments throughout the season and require a higher level of commitment from the player and families.  Teams travel to western or metro area towns for bi-weekly regular season games.  An additional fee is required.  This fee pays for umpires, uniform pants, tournaments and league fees.

When are the evaluations scheduled?

Evaluations will be held at the Tiger Activity in mid/late March or early April.  Check the website calendar to see evaluation dates and times.  Emails will also be sent to communicate the times/dates.

DYBSA Registration FAQs

DYBSA Registration News … 

Registration for the 2021 Softball/Baseball season coming in Jan.


Link to DYBSA:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why do I need to register for baseball and softball now?

A: The DYBSA must order uniforms, equipment, and registering teams for league and tournament play in the first quarter of the year to ensure everything is ready for summer ball play.  Fees increase with late registrations, uniforms are delayed and team placement is subject to availability.  

Q: Do players have to play school ball if they want to play summer ball with DYBSA? 

A: No, players may register for summer baseball and softball even if they are not playing school ball.  Check the DYBSA calendar for evaluation dates or contact us at with specific questions.

Q: Can my player move up to the next level of play? 

A: Move ups are considered upon request for players under the age of 10 years old.  A safety evaluation will be held in the spring for 8 year olds being considered for move up into the Willie Mays baseball level.  A similar evaluation may be required for Softball move up as well.  Send move up requests to us at

Q: Why do 9 year olds attend baseball evaluations? 

A: We encourage players to attend 9-year-old evaluations so they can experience the evaluation process while offering us a preview of their baseball skills.  Results from the 9-year-old baseball evaluations are used to sort players into equally weighted teams at the Willie Mays level.

Q: What is the baseball 9U Tournament Team? 

A: The DYBSA will invite select 9-year-old players to participate in end of the season 9U tournament(s).  Invitations will be based on coach recommendation and player performance during the summer season.

Q: Are there requirements in order to be considered for a coaching position? 

A: Yes, all coaches will be required to attend a coaches training session (TBD).

Do you have other or more specific questions?  The DYBSA board is here to help.  Please contact your age coordinator or our general e-mail at if we can help you finalize your registration today.