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Website Help

Login Help is under the Login section: You will be using your DYBSA account username.

At this time there is no functionality to reset your password so you need to try the Login Help. If you forgot your username you will also be able to retrieve it in this section.

Click “Forgot your password” and enter your username.  It should send a link to your current email address (defined to your NGIN account) that validates your userid and allows you to reset your password.

Click "Forgot your username?" and enter your email address. To ensure your security, an email with your username information will be sent to the primary email address on file.

Home page help once you login:

On the home page, in the grey bar at the top of the page there will be 4 buttons:

1)    “Username” – this is your account area (dashboard, profile, account) showing website profile information including your registration order which you can click to bring it up and make payments. In the account area you can change/update email addresses, preferences, etc.
2)     Messages – This is your message inbox for messages that you receive from DYBSA website that we send out info throughout the year for you to read and manage. Can put the email in the trash once read.
3)    Help & Updates- Click on this to get additional help from the SportNgin website, need to be in Edit mode.
4)    Log Out – to logoff from your current website session.  Please do this rather than closing your browser window.

Website Calendars

The website calendars are dynamic, multi-team info on one calendar. Organization members can generate custom calendars that include events from single or multiple teams. Switch from "Month View" to "Day View" to get a better look at each days events. Print monthly or daily calendars to hang on the fridge.


To View Team Schedules -
1) Go to your Team Home Page. All Team Home Pages will have the 5 day calendar. Below this you have the option to view the full calendar, example <>. You can select the << to move to previous month and >> to move to the next month.

To View Multi Schedules -
1) Go to Calendar section

2) Above the calendar there is Currently Selected Tag(s): click on the <

3) Select the SHOW TAG MENU - a list of available tags will show.  Select all tags that you want to see schedules for.  When done select HIDE TAG MENU.

4) The Calendar will show only the schedules for the Tags you selected.

5) Keep in mind you will need to use the Home,  to see schedules that are not specific team schedules, examples Committee Meetings, Board Meetings, Coaches Meetings etc..

Once you start using the TAGS functionality you will see that you can create calendars by using the TAGS specific to your players team (if you have more than one player you would select all TAGS that apply) or events without having to have all of them shown and/or printed. 

Tips when using website TAGS (filters)

1) The main calendar (on home page) tag default is set to ALL tags so you will see all events for all teams. 

2) Each team calendar (on team page) tag default is set to their team level (ex:14U) and also their team name (ex: 14UAA).  Please note that if you change the defaults to make sure you see all your teams info.  Make sure you always include the team level tags as these are used for events that include all teams at the level.

3) If for some reason you cannot get back to the website defaults you could clean your web browser temporary internet files and cookies. For Microsoft IE - Go to Tools;Internet Options;Temporary Internet Files