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Volunteer Information


Becky Jorgenson

Volunteer Coordinator

Volunteer Hours

Attached document includes volunteer hours required and hours completed.  If your child's name is not on this list you have already met your volunteer requirement.  This will be updated after each tournament weekend.  If you notice any discrepency please reach out to volunteer coordinator Becky Jorgenson at

2023 DYBSA Volunteer Opportunities

Click the Sign-Up Genius link below for volunteer opportunities to fulfill your 8 or 12-hour volunteer requirement.


DYBSA 2023 Volunteer Requirements

Dear Parents,

Delano Youth Baseball and Softball Association (DYBSA) is a non-profit organization run by volunteers.  Similar to other activities in which your sons/daughters may be involved, DYBSA cannot function without parents volunteering their time!

Volunteer Deposit:  ALL families with players above T-ball, Coach Pitch or 8U Softball are required to submit a separate volunteer deposit check of $500 as part of your family’s registration.  This deposit check must be mailed to DYBSA at PO Box 63, Delano, MN  55328 by March 10, 2023.  ONLY one volunteer deposit is required per family.  Failure to submit your volunteer deposit will delay your registration and ability to participate in evaluations.  Deposit checks will be destroyed after the end of this season if hours are met and reported.  Deposit checks will be cashed if volunteer requirements are not fulfilled.

Volunteer Requirements: ALL families with players above T-ball, Coach Pitch or 8U level are required to volunteer.   DYBSA volunteer time requirement is PER CHILD. (see chart below for your family’s minimum requirement). The maximum FAMILY volunteer requirement is 12 hours in the case of multiple children. We realize that many families do more than the minimum required volunteer hours, we set a minimum so all families understand the need for your time and talents.

Baseball -

Level of Play

Volunteer Requirement


Softball –

Level of Play

Volunteer Requirement


No minimum



No minimum

Coach Pitch

No minimum


8U Softball

No minimum

10U B

12U B

14U B

8 hour minimum*


*Hours will be at Delano hosted tournament.



10U – EWC/CR

12U – Tier 2


8 hour minimum*


*Hours will be at Delano hosted tournament

9U A

10U A/AA

11U AA


13U AA




8 hour minimum*


*Hours will be at Delano hosted tournament.


10U – Tier 1

12U – Tier 1


8 hour minimum*


*Hours will be at Delano hosted tournament.

Additional Volunteer Clarification:

1. Tournament concessions and field prep are required volunteer duties.  All team families should anticipate working at home hosted tournaments throughout the season.

2. Head Coach, up to two Assistant Coaches per team (must meet AC requirements), as well as Tournament Host Family will fulfill the minimum volunteer requirements by holding these positions.  

3. While the following tasks are appreciated and useful during the season, they are NOT eligible for volunteer hours: base-coaching, keeping book, field prep for regular games, team manager, additional assistant coaches, etc.

4. Any alternate methods of satisfying any portion of the volunteer requirements must be previously submitted and approved by the DYBSA Volunteer Coordinator.  

5. To fulfill a volunteer hour, children must be age 12 to work in the concession stand (able to safely and sanitarily handle food and independently mentally tabulate order costs and make change) and 14 to work as field prep (independently complete manual labor with little direction).  Any child 14 or under must be working alongside a parent/guardian.

If you have any questions about eligible volunteer work, please contact Becky Jorgenson at the contact email above.

Thank you for helping to  make this a great 2023 season!


We will be using a free service called SignUp Genius at to help manage sign up needs throughout the season.  This is an online template that will help manage volunteer needs and the volunteer tracking.  It will also streamline the communication for volunteer opportunities/needs that DYBSA needs filled.

Reminders will be sent a day or two in advance.

Finally, this will be the main document that will be used to track volunteer hours and if you have met the requirement to be refunded your deposit check.


Instructions for Sign Up Genius

  1. Email will be sent notifying of volunteer sign up.  Click link
  2. Check time slot/s
  3. At bottom of page, click "Submit & Sign Up"
  4. Click "Sign up now"

If you're looking for what's available and may not have received an email follow these instructions:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter in search bar
  3. Click on your preferred event

There you will see several sign up opportunities for the different needs the association is trying to fill.  Thanks for helping out!

YOU'RE FINISHED!  We'll see you at your selected time/place.