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Baseball Evaluations

DYBSA Baseball Evaluations

Please see below attachments for your players evaluation time on Sunday March 21st.  Due to Covid rules at the TAC, the format from what has been used in the past had to change.  Because of this, it is imperative that we get as many players through tryouts on this day as possible.  Please do your best to make your assigned time.  Due to the high volume of players on Sunday, as well as TAC Covid and Contact Tracing policies, DYBSA cannot be switching time slots.   If you cannot make your assigned time for some reason, Monday March 22nd at 6:00 pm will be the back-up date.  We are limited on time on Monday, and therefore limited on the number of players we can get through evaluations this night.  Please do your best to try and adhere to your Sunday time slot.  If this is not possible, please email   


  • Please do not drop your player off any earlier then the time listed to “check in”. 
  • From drop off to pick up will be approximately 45 minutes. 
  • Due to TAC rules, players will need to leave the building as soon as they have went through evaluations.