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PO Box 63, Delano MN 55328

Rev Q&A

Rev Questions and Answers

1. Why was the decision to join the Revolution co-op made?

  • At 14U, DYBSA (similar to other associations around the state) has been impacted by a large exodus of players, especially pitchers/catchers, who pursue Club level teams to play at levels more competitive than DYBSA typically has OR who decide to no longer focus on softball.  DYBSA 12U numbers have been consistently strong but despite that, the trend continues to result in a need for an alternative option at 14U.
  • DYBSA has spent the past 6 months researching alternative options for our 14U and older programming.  The Revolution was considered three years ago as an option and it was denied.  Despite that, 14U trends and alternative options have continued to gain momentum.
  • DYBSA has consistently been either unable to field enough players to make one team (requiring recruiting from other communities) or has too many players for the number of pitchers and catchers - if any - available at 14U and 16U (requiring placement of overflow players).  In addition, teams have not been similarly skilled which has made playing at a growth level difficult; this skill variation has also fed the exodus in our association.
  • The Revolution is a vetted organization in a nearby community that offers multiple levels of play for significantly less money than Club level softball. Multiple levels permits players to develop on teams that are similarly abled rather than playing with a wide range of abilities which can result in frustration for all players and can limit development for all players.   
  • We have had Delano players participate in the Rev program each year for the past 5 years (including this year) either because DYBSA failed to field a team during their 14U years OR because players sought out the Revolution to play at a higher level of competition.

2.  What age group does this decision impact?

  • 14U and up starting with the 2022 season

3. What level of softball does the Revolution play?

  1. The Revolution facilitates Gold, A, and B teams depending upon player levels.

4. What if my daughter is not interested in playing competitive softball but would still like the opportunity to play during the summer season?

  1. Wayzata, with whom Delano and Rockford now co-op as part of the Revolution, offers a summer recreation option for $225 which is a less expensive option than even DYBSA is able to offer.

5. What is the annual cost of the Revolution?

  • The 2021 Cost for new Rev Players: $925.00 (includes 2 jerseys, 1 helmet, 2 pants, 2 socks, 1 belt)
  • The 2021 Cost for Returning CR Rev Players: $785.00 (includes 0 jerseys, 0 helmet, 2 pants, 2 socks, 0 belt)
  1. 2022 Cost has not yet been determined, but the goal is to keep the annual cost under $1000.

6. What if the cost is too much for my family?

  1. DYBSA is willing to facilitate a fundraising opportunity for Delano players to offset the cost differential.

7. When are tryouts?

  1. August 2nd/3rd or 9th/10th 2021 for 2022 season (consistent with other Club level tryouts)
  2. The Revolution program hires independent evaluators to conduct evaluations.

8. Do players need to try out?

  1. Yes, a tryout is required to be placed on a team.

9. When are teams notified and formed?

  1. Typically within a week.  Offers are made to pitchers and catchers first to determine how many teams can be made.  Once pitchers/catchers are secured, other players receive offers.
  2. Offers need to be accepted within 24 hours and $300 deposit is required with acceptance.
  3. Deposit is non-refundable once the teams have been established.  No refund to players who refuse the team they have been placed on.

10. Are team placement decisions equal or is preference given to those that have already played with the Revolution previously?

  1. Offers and placement are based on each year’s tryout results.
  2. The Rev attempts to place every player but like all associations, the number of teams is contingent on the number of pitchers and catchers available.

11. Will my daughter get to play with her friends? Is there any effort to keep girls together from each community?

  1. Team placement is based on skill level. 

12. How many teams are anticipated? How many kids from each community? What levels?

  1. In general, on any given team, the Rev aims for at least 75% (or 9 of 12 roster spots) to be from co-op associations (Rockford, Wayzata, Delano).  This is subject to vary somewhat based on the pool of players trying out for the program, and positional needs.
  2. The Rev anticipates fielding Gold level, A level, and B level teams each year.

13. What is included with the fee? 

  1. Fall and Summer league fees
  2. Uniforms (see above for cost breakdown)
  3. 3-4 tournaments plus Qualifier and State (if eligible)
  4. Paid coach fees

14. What skill development and off-season work programs are included or available?

  1. Private 1-day camps and skills clinics lead by area college programs and training groups (i.e. Starters, Hit Dawg Academy) have been offered in the past.
  2. In addition, they have offered weekly scheduled off-season space for hitting/pitching/catching from December to March.
  3. The Rev has also offered dome ball teams for players who have been interested (additional cost).  We anticipate similar offerings will be made during the upcoming winter season.  
  4. The Rev continuously seeks out opportunities for their players.  Strength and conditioning and hitting development have been other provisions in the past.

15. Does every player make a team?

  1. Teams are formed based on tryout results and positional needs (e.g. each team must have pitchers/catchers).  Each team will generally consist of at least 75% of players from the co-op association members.  The goal is to field a team for any player from our 3 communities who wants to play.  However, in the event that a full team cannot be formed, player cuts based on evaluations might be made.  If this happens, the Rev Board will try to assist players in finding a team to play on.
  2. By joining the co-op with Rockford and Wayzata, we increase our player pool giving Delano players an increased chance of being able to continue playing competitive softball.
  3. Players who do not make a team based on skill level have the opportunity to play recreation level softball through Wayzata; the cost is $225.

16. When do activities start? What are the dates and duration?

  1. Teams created for the 2022 season have the opportunity to play Fall Ball or Tournaments in August/September of 2021; participation is based on team/player preference.
  2. Winter/dome ball is based on team/player preference for an additional cost.
  3. Off-season development opportunities are also based on player preference.

17. How many games/tournaments?

  1. Teams participate in 3-4 tournaments plus Qualifiers and State (if they qualify).  Tournaments are generally within the local Metro area, with 1 or 2 selected as overnight/travel tournaments (travel costs not included in registration fees).

18. Where do players practice and play?

  1. Delano
  2. Rockford
  3. Plymouth
  4. Attempts are made to have access to fields on the western side of the city but not guaranteed.

19. Does the DYBSA have any governing control of Rev organization, team selection, level of play, coaching, etc.?

  1. DYBSA will have representation on the Rev Board

20. What is the philosophy regarding playing other sports?

  1. Rev is ideal for multi-sport athletes.  Off-season opportunities are up to each player/team and participation is not required as opposed to club ball. Off season development is generally not included in Rev fees in order that players only pay for the training they are able to attend.
  2. As a program, the Rev highly encourages multi-sport participation and works to offer a variety of training opportunities that fit into schedules of multi-sport athletes.

21. What is the experience of the coaches at each level?

  1. The goal is to hire coaches that have either played in college and/or have coaching experience at the high school level or higher.

22. Can I still assist in coaching?

  1. You can apply for coaching positions.
  2. If coaching application is accepted you may not coach the team your daughter plays on.  
  3. Each team’s coach/assistant coach may vary in their needs so parents can reach out to offer support each season.