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PO Box 63, Delano MN 55328

Rev Survey Q&A

Number Question Answer
1 Are the private one day camps & skills clinics/off-season space for hitting/pitching/catching an additional cost?  Dome ball says it is but included or additional/included isn’t noted on the other programs. Parents should plan for anything offered to be additional cost. The program will subsidize to reduce cost for program players and if possible provide opportunities free of charge but it will be the exception not the rule. Any training we offer may be opened up to participation by players outside of the program (i.e. 12U RAAA, PWYSA or DYBSA players or other communities) and we will typically charge non-Rev players a higher rate than Rev players if the program is subsidizing the cost.
2 Did you ask the girls of the next years 14u teams there intent to play before deciding not to support a team and pair up with the Rev? Next year 14U girls were not directly surveyed. This was a decision based on past trends and all upcoming future groups were considered. The decision was not made based on next year's 14U group alone. Many surrounding communities (Orono, Waconia, Chaska, Westonka, Wayzata, Minnetonka, Hopkins etc.) have moved to the Co-op model or simply do not have a 14U and up program within their association.
3 Why are we not playing for Delano at this young of an age? My team has never had a problem with not enough girls/pitchers. This year we have 4 talented pitchers on our team. I have been with this team for my whole life and always loved playing for that team. We have been making the top tiers in the state and get asked to be in some tournaments and nationals. I am so confused on why we have to split up. I will miss playing with my friends cause after this year we might not even get to be in the same team. I have always had fun on a Delano team. I have asked my teammates if they would ever go to a club team and they said no. They love playing for Delano. The coaches are so great and it will be hard to transition to a different team. If I had the chance, I would play for Delano as long as I can. Please consider your choice again and think about it in my point of view. Thanks Please see response #2.
4 If there's a 14U team that would commit in Aug prior to Rev tryouts, would the board reconsider? DYBSA has committed to joining the Rev Co-op and cannot support a 14U team within DYBSA. The Rev is now the extension of DYBSA when girls reach the 14U age group. Hopefully the players that want to continue to play together chose to play with the Rev and continue to have that opportunity. DYBSA has never supported Players/Teams forming their own team for a full summer season, they have been always been coordinated via DYBSA. Covid and Fallball are an exception to this.
5 We have the impression our girl should try out at multiple places now. This is stressful trying to figure this out. In our mind, an effective community co-op should alleviate this concern and feeling our girl may not have a home if they want to play ball. It would be great if the girls don't have to look elsewhere. They don't need to worry about this with DYBSA today. It would be interesting to see how and if the Revolution can address this. Our goal is to form teams of "like-skilled" players. We want to reduce the amount of variation in skill level within the roster that is typical in community programs. Our goal is to offer a team for all skill levels but ultimately, it does come down to whether or not we have enough pitchers/catchers at the levels we need whether we are able to form teams for all the girls that try out. The reality is the players are the ones that really determine what level of teams we have and how many teams we have because in the end they have a choice where they play. For example, we may have enough pitchers/catchers to offer to 3 teams at the 14U level but if we have too many pitchers/catchers decline the offer that means we don't have a team for that group any more. And it's not just the lower skilled players that we may not have a team for, it may be the "top" players that we end up not having a team for if the pitchers that do accept offers aren't "top" skill levels. It comes back to wanting "like-skilled" players on a team, not a wide range of skill levels as much as possible. With Delano joining the Co-op we now have three communities of kids within the pool with a goal of not having instances we cannot form a team for all interested players. The Rev and DYBSA will put every effort forward to find a home for girls that want to play.
6 What representation will DYBSA have on the Revolution board? Mike Pink has committed to joining the board. Going forward the Rev board will have at least one board member from the DYBSA board. Anyone from Delano is open to participate/join the Rev board.
7 We heard the time commitment is quite a bit more - what is it compared to what we have now?  How is family time accommodated? The time commitment is the same. Falll Ball is on optoin for teams who have enough player interest. Other development options are up to each player See response #1 also.
8 “Each team will generally consist of at least 75% of player from the co-op association members.”  Where do the additional 25% of the players come from?  Are they recruited by the Rev?  Are these fillers for space or does the co-op automatically give up about 25% of their spots to non-co-op players?  Is there a reason they use that 75% number?  What is that for? This is a league rule for any team playing "B".  It is a non-factor for any team playing A or Gold.  If an in-community player and an out of community player evaluate equally, the in-community player will get priority for an offer on the roster.  If the out of community player evaluates higher than the in-community player the out of community player will get priority for an offer on the roster. We may need to have out of community players, there are not enough pitchers/catchers, even with 3 communities co-oping to form teams for all that want to play. 
9 Can we form our own team? Please see response to #4.
10 Would DYBSA support a team of Delano girls that want to stick together if they can fill a team, find coaches and cover all costs/registration (and not tryout for the Revolution)? Could they play under DYBSA? Please see response to #4.
11 Why were Parents/Players not allowed input before this decision? Please see response to #2.
13 “In the event that a full team cannot be formed, player cuts based on evaluations might be made”.  This references the last question – if they do recruit players or players outside of the co-op try out and it is necessary to cut, do the players who are not in the co-op (Delano, Rockford, Wayzata) get cut regardless of evaluation or would they cut the other players who tried out (non-co-op) first? Please see response to #8.
14 I was with a large group of the girls after your decision was posted.  These girls were so confused and crushed.  Why did dybsa do this?  Why are they giving up on us, are some of the comments I heard.  Can we just make our own team?  I just want to wear a Delano jersey and play with my friends?  We have enough girls to make a team, why are they making us look for a team elsewhere?  I really hope after all of of this you are confident that you made the right decision.  As a parent, I am really trying hard to understand the thought process behind this.  I hate that this is not a choice that we get to make it is being forced.  You have some really talented girls that are successful and represent Delano with pride and it feels like you are giving up on them. This was a very challenging decision. Please refer to the response in #2. This is not about an individual group. This is a continuation of the DYBSA program with the goal of making sure our players continue to have softball playing opportunities at the right level.
15 Is it a conflict of interest when a spouse of one of our board members is a Revolution board member? I've also heard that Mike is leaving our board to join the Revolution board. Is this another conflict of interest?  What influence did these two have on the other DYBSA board members? See response to #6. Mike will continue to be on the DYBSA board. DYBSA/Delano representation is an aspect we asked for in the co-op agreement. Delano representation is a good thing for our girls to ensure we have Delano's best interst in mind.
16 Would Delano allow a 14u team to play through the association if there was a team already together? Please see response to #4.
17 Why was this decision made when we currently have strong numbers and the groups coming up? Please see response #2.
18 Why now? Why weren't next years 14u players asked what their plans for next year are? Please see response #2.
19 This topic came up a few years ago, why did it pass now and not a few years ago? The concerning trend has continued and we have experienced the same challenges with the 14U program within DYBSA. The board did seek input from past board members and members of school program for inputs into this decision.
20 You state you haven't received any questions yet.  Us as parents were blindsided by this and needed some time let it sink in.  Many of us were waiting until the meeting. Others including myself needed a little cool off period before asking/saying something we would regret. It has been topic #1 any time I've spoken to another softball parent whether at softball or during other personal conversations. We understand the concern. We do truly believe we have the best interest of the Delano players in mind. DYBSA is endeavoring to proactively do something for the program moving forward. Please feel free to voice any further concerns to a board member or other Q/A sessions.