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    June 18th update

    Registration fee refunds for DYBSA will be processed directly thru SportsEngine.  They will credit the original credit card used during the registration process.  This should be completed within the next week or two.

    June 3rd Update

    Association Members,
    Please see attached letter from MYAS and the Youth Sports Coalition.  Many of you have seen this already as we have had some questions arise from it.  We thought it was important to blast this out to the entire association so everyone has the same information.  What does this mean?
    First of all, as you can see, MYAS has formally cancelled the season as it was planned.  DYBSA had insight that this was going to be the case which is part of the reason we cancelled when we did.  With the Crow River Softball League and the Crow River Junior Baseball league having already cancelled, adding MYAS to the list simply meant we would have no place to play 10 year and older baseball.
    What has been created for the balance of this year is a joint effort between MYAS and Metro Baseball League, creating what they are calling the Baseball Alliance of Minnesota.  The attached letter shows what offerings they are hoping to have available starting July 6th -  IF the governor gives a green light to begin games, which they hope to have in the next 7-10 days.  However, we have heard this same type of guidance on approvals in the past, only for it to be extended.  So, at this point, the July 6th start date is hopeful, but theoretical.
    We don’t know exactly what these opportunities actually mean yet, and are waiting for more information.  Everyone could read into them differently.  Please give DYBSA time to understand what this all means and determine the best path forward.  Calls have already come in from some who have seen this announcement asking what we are going to do, can I put a team together, will the association sponsor it, etc.  These questions are not a simple yes\no at this point in time.
    Please understand that DYBSA is trying to have some sort or baseball\softball opportunities for the community this summer…IF IT MAKES SENSE.  Once we have further information from the newly created Baseball Alliance of MN we will share it out.

    May 30th Covid-19 Season Canceled Update

    With a heavy heart, Delano Youth Baseball and Softball has determined we cannot support a youth season in 2020.
    Minnesota government has been unable to provide actionable information or guidance to youth sports organizations as to when game play will be able to resume. Candidly speaking, the decisions leading up to this point make it difficult to imagine resuming competitive play anytime soon.  This decision was difficult, and was made only after implementing multiple plans and contingencies and watching them repeatedly disintegrate before our eyes. If you love baseball and softball as much as we do, then it is difficult to imagine a summer without the diamond. 
    Some of the factors that went into this decision include:

    1) Safety concerns.
    2) Having the resources necessary to implement the MDH Guidance for Social Distancing in Youth Sports as well as the “Safe Play Back to the Diamond” protocols that have been created for baseball and softball
    3) Having the resources to be able to police and enforce these policies and procedures
    4) Not knowing when the league will start and what the season may look like.
    5) As of Friday, 13 other associations (that we know of) have cancelled their seasons.  Most of them Gopher State Associations.
    6) Trying to answer the question of “will this even look like baseball and softball?”
    This is by no means an all-inclusive list of factors.  After many hours of conversation we felt that we needed to give families ample time to plan and prepare for summer activities and to alleviate some of the stress in this already stressful time.  Delano has a rich and strong history of baseball and softball at all ages and at all levels.  The youth in this community love the sport, which is why it makes this decision so incredibly hard.  Frankly, this is why DYBSA has waited as long as we have to make a decision.
    We will be issuing 100% refunds to all registrations.  We do this knowing that we are going to post a loss for the year due to sports engine website fees and credit card processing fees, but we feel it would not be right to not refund the full amount since no baseball or softball has been played.   These refunds will start to be processed in the next few days.  However, due to limitations with SportEngine,  most refunds will have to be made by check.  SportEngine does not have the ability to refund back to a credit card a transaction that is greater than 90 days old.  Any volunteer checks that have been sent in will be ripped up.
    Our next step is to look at how we can have some kind of baseball and softball this summer. As Minnesota reopens, we may be able to get kids on the diamond in some capacity, whether that is clinics, sandlot, home run derby, etc.  The Board will start to explore what some of these options might be in the coming days.
    A huge thank you goes to the DYBSA board members. As the COVID-19 shutdown escalated, they put in hours and hours of work adjusting to the ever-changing landscape. Much like the game itself, not all great efforts result in success. It was a valiant effort, and we will continue to work in good faith to provide baseball and softball for our community in the future.

    Delano Youth Baseball and Softball Association

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